Facebook Page or Group? Which is Best

Facebook Page or Group? Which is Best

Facebook pages and groups are both great for Doulas. They allow posting of links to articles and videos that will help your clients and followers learn more about working with  Doula.  You can post prenatal and postnatal photos of your clients (with consent) , update them on upcoming events or classes, and share news about new products or services that complement what you do.

Facebook pages are public and are searchable on Google which can make it easier for potential clients to find you. Pages have more followers than groups because they’re public.

Facebook groups have privacy settings that you can change to fit your needs. Groups can be private, allowing only those you authorize to enter. However, once a group is set to private, it cannot be made public. A group is also a good place to answer questions or give advice on topics related to doula work—you can even set up a weekly Q&A session where members can ask questions anonymously!

Facebook is a great place to find and support clients. It’s also a place where you connect with your friends and family. I highly recommend keeping the two seperate. You inherently want to be as open as possible with your clients, but being a doula is also a business and you need to set boundaries for seperating the two. Creating a page or group or both for your doula services will help do that.



Best Social Media Platforms for Doulas

Best Social Media Platforms for Doulas

Social media is an incredible tool for doulas, but it can be hard to know where to start. According to the CDC, the average ages of pregnant women in the United States are 20-34 year olds.  This is important information when considering which social media platforms to use.


  • Facebook is great for connecting  building relationships
  • It’s users are primarily women in their 30s and 40s 
  • You can create groups and pages 


  • Twitter is great for sharing news about your work
  • It’s also a good place for  questions and live chats
  • The average users are men in their 30s and 40s. A good place to engage dads


  • Instagram is a visual medium—so it’s perfect for showing off what you do! Use it to share photos.
  • It’s primary audiece is young moms and women in their 20s


  • TikTok uses short form videos
  • It’s primary users are below the age of 30, and over half of those users are teenagers
  • It’s a place to create fun videos about being a doula
  • It also integrates with Facebook Reels


  • Users are under the age of 35
  • Is known for being a playful platform
  • Is a visual platform, driven by images and videos


Social Media Marketing for Doulas (Online Training)

Social Media Marketing for Doulas (Online Training)

This course will get you up and running with Social Media Marketing.

I will show you how to use the power of each platform to reach your target audience. You’ll also learn how to create original, engaging content on a consistent basis that can be shared across various platforms.

You will also receive a FREE copy of my ebook “Social Media Marketing for Doula’s” and 12 FREE Doula inspired social media graphics.